Reasons why gifts are so important

Everyone wants love from other people. It is in the nature of all the human being. The best way to express love is to give gifts. Some people give gifts to their children. Normally, children like toys the most.  Many companies of the world are involved in the toy production business. One of my friend gave a flying doll to his daughter. That gift was very unique at that time because dancing dolls were available at that time in the market but the flying doll was the new item. So, his daughter was very happy by receiving such a nice and unique gift from her father. In this way, my friend expressed love to his daughter. I also did the same for my son, I bought a car which is different from the other available cars. My son was also amazed and happy when he received a gift from me. I cannot expound my feelings in words that what I felt at that time. 

Most of the people give gifts at the occasion of birthdays, some people give gifts to wife, some people give gifts to their parents, some people give gifts to their grandfather, some people give gifts to their grandmother and some people give gifts to their teachers.

There are so many shops of gifts items in the market. Some are big one and some are small one. Some have unique gifts items and some has ordinary or normal gifts items. Some people donate some medical machineries or medical equipment to some hospitals, it is also a gift for the needy people. One of my known person give an ambulance to a welfare organization in order to facilitate the patients. This is also a gift to the patients. Many big companies sponsor the sports events and they also announce the gifts money for the player of the tournament or player of the match etc. They do so in order to encourage the sports activities and also for enhancing the goodwill of their business. In this way, they get international marketing which is called the indirect marketing. Many companies do this type of things. Some display stand manufacturers in Dubai offer corporate gift items for corporate clients. Many companies give advice on exhibition stand designs in Dubai in order to maintain business relationships with the clients. In my opinion, mostly gifts are of flowers. People also present flowers to the patients.