Everything around us has history and there is nothing in this world that doesn’t have a history and without history, things cannot be made. Just like that even smoking has a long history and the history of smoking goes far back before time and at those times, people used to smoke all kinds of things. But the good thing is that those things were pure and even though people smoked a lot but still they lived a very healthy life but now there are many things that people smoke now and they are not safe at all. 

There are different types of smoking now. You get to smoke simple cigarettes, vapes and electric pens which are known as electronic cigarettes. You must be smoking vape but did you ever try to know about its unique history and did you know that the first electronic cigarette started in 2003. The fun fact is that vape or electronic cigarette was invented why a Chinese pharmacist called Lik. And he was worried about his smoking a lot since he smoked more than three packets at the same time and he tried almost everything to leave smoking and another thing worried that his father died of smoking and he didn’t wanted to end up like this. 

But then he got an idea of an invention that there should be a kind of cigarette that just produces smoke without nicotine and that kills the need of nicotine and it keeps your swag. So, he got a pen, a small smoke machine like super small, a battery and a bud. He combined all of these things and came up with electronic cigarettes. This invention was sold at pharmacies as well and then a guy named Herbert A. Gilbert and thought that these electronic cigarettes need a kick. In terms that it should be flavorful and it should be fun as well and this happened in 2010. 

Then he started creating a flavor that had cherry essence and blueberry essence and after that different companies started making more flavors and people also started making their own flavors for best salt nic vapes and vape pods in UAE. Now you will see many kinds of flavor in market. Stats say that it will take you more than 10 years to try a new flavor each year around the world.