Facts about Red Bull

We all wish that we had wings but there is one company that guarantees that you will get wings and that is the one and only Red Bull and even their slogan is Red Bull Gives You Wings. It is the best and the most popular and worldwide known energy drink manufacturer. Not that we actually get wings but if you drink a single can of it, you will know what the slogan means. According to the best evaporated milk brand, red bull has many pros and cons. But the good news, the bad news is less than good news. Here are some awesome red bull facts that will give you wings.

  1. Red Bull was founded in 1987 by an entrepreneur from Austria named as Dietrich Maeeschitz.
  2. Every famous thing had a name that no one knew about and so did red bull. Red bull took its start from Thailand and there, it was called Krating Daeng. And it was basically made for drivers who had to take long routes in a single sleep.
  3. Since red bull is so famous, so are their profits. It is a multi-billion dollars company and you will be blown away to know that alone in 2013, they broke the international market in the world of energy drinks. They sold over 40 billion cans.
  4. Red bull is also famous for conducting extreme adrenaline sports and it is a massive supporter of such athletes as well. but not all of their events are so hard to compete, there is a worldwide competition which goes by the name of Paper Wings and there, you can make the most unique paper plane and players come from all around the world.
  5. Red bull not only cares about its athletes but they are also famous for keeping the world a clean place while being the biggest manufacturer of energy drinks. You will be happy to know that their tin or you can say can is completely recyclable. And instead of using different locations as their manufactural site, they just have one massive and gigantic manufacturing plant.
  6. Every country may have different red bull taste and the red bull in Europe is less sweet as compared to the rest.
  7. For company promotion, Dietrich offered students to have party at odd places and give them tons of red bull cans.