Food is a basic thing that we all need to survive on. If you don’t eat, the maximum, we will be able to survive for three days only. but humans are very adaptive and since the beginning of time, people had been hunting and seeing that which plants are edible and which are not just in order to feed their bellies. We must thank our ancestors that they observed and tried and risked their lives in seeing that which food is good for us and which food is deadly for us. Food has become the ultimate business now. You can see small cafes and restaurants and at the end of the day, almost all of them go home with their pockets full. The one that has a very start of food business, they home with edible things but which the passage of time, they also become popular and known and then they leave the carts and the cafes and the restaurants empty for the next day. If you are about to open the service of providing food catering in Dubai and you want to know more about food, then we suggest that you read more here about facts about food;

Some Biscuits have hole in them for a reason: baking is an art and that is why some artist or you can say baker knew how to make sure that the biscuits rise at the perfect level.

Ketchup: the health experts say that if you eat a small spoon of ketchup, your chances of getting a heart disease will reduce and that is also why ketchup was used a medicine in 1800 century. They used to treat indigestion and diarrhea.

White chocolate: if you love white chocolate then we have a sad news for you, there is no such thing as white chocolate because it is a mix of cocoa butter, sugar, milk, lecithin and vanilla.

Salmon: salmon is known for its tastes and it is known for its pinkish color as well but the fact is that, the farmed salmon is white in color but the farmers dye the salmon to make it feel like that they have caught it from the fresh water. The actual color of the salmon is pink because they eat shrimps and they in orangish and pinkish color.