Dubai is full of breathtaking locations whether it is about entertainment, commercial or residential purpose. It is famous for the unique and trending designs of the buildings which are not only among the tallest ones but on the same side they are among the most beautiful ones as well. Among these beautiful locations, Town Square apartments Dubai is one of the most ambitious residential project which offers great facilities to the residents. Well, on the same side apartments for sale in Dubai Creek Harbor are another good option if you are specifically interested in buying or renting an apartment.

In this article, our main focus will be upon the facilities offered by Town Square apartments. It is an ideal location as the top most leading malls, restaurants and other outdoor entertainment locations are quite nearer. This is a huge facility for the residents as everybody wants to live in a place where they could have easy access to all popular locations. Read the following article to know about the rest of the facilities provided by Town Square apartments.

Apartments with various sizes

Well, we know that everybody has their own budget and requirement when it comes to choose their residential place. Like if a single person is looking for an apartment then he would definitely go with a studio apartment. On the same side depending upon the family members the requirement will enhance in terms of rooms and capacity of the apartment. The main facility provided by Town Square apartment is the wide range of options. You can easily choose any apartment from 1 bedroom to even 3 bedrooms as per you budget and need.

Ideal location

Another facility provided by town square apartment is its ideal location. You can easily reach your favorite restaurants, malls and beaches within few minutes without worrying about long distance drives and excessive traffic. On the same side, supermarkets, schools, mosques and churches are also present within the community and nearby the location. All these features make it quite feasible for the residents to live their life in the most convenient manner.

Health and fitness

Town square apartments also offer hospitals, pharmacy and laboratories on a short distance. This facility is very essential as emergency could happen with anyone at any time so the healthcare locations must be nearer to the residential location. On the same side it also offer several fitness facilities in terms of gyms and parks.