Accounting includes all kinds of math and figures and this kind of work is done for small and big companies. Accountants are the people that make money for your company, you must be wondering how, and the answer to your question is given with an example, let us say that you have a company of car and bike workshop and you have 10 employees. And now you need to get an accountant because you cannot handle the accounts on your own since you have different things to do. So, an accountant comes and tells you that you need to hire an assistant for a senior car specialist, you can pay 1000 or 2000 dirhams extra to the car specialist and you can fire the assistant who is getting 3000 dirhams and just like that you have saved 1000 dirhams and that is only by the suggestion of an accountant. We understand that accountants can be cruel but if you don’t want to feel guilty, then it is best that you recommended that assistant to different workshops. But there are some amazing facts about chartered accountants in Dubai who give ICV certification services. If you are about to hire an accountant or become an accountant then these facts will shock you;

  1. Did you know that there is movie called The Accountant? And, in that movie, a huge company was facing loss and they hired a chartered accountant and that accountant proved that there was a person who was doing fraud and managed to get away. That accountant found out the culprit and his life was in danger as well, as the culprits tried to silent him. But he was successful, do watch it. It is a good time pass and has different learning curves as well.
  2. The above was a movie but there was also a real life incident. There is a lot of crime in Chicago and a group of accountants were hired by the police and special forces and they were hired to bring down the boss of all crimes Al Capone. From selling drugs to murders, there was no such crime that he and his gang did not do and he was soon arrested.
  3. The word bookkeeping is the only word that has 3 letters consistently coming one after the other, 3 o’s, 3 k’s and 3 e’s.